Fortum announces completion of successful ‘proof of concept’ project


European energy provider, Fortum, has announced the completion of a successful proof of concept project with DigitalRoute, a data integration and data management company.

According to a company release, Fortum has been looking for an IoT enabling platform to develop data-driven solutions and has now chosen to partner with DigitalRoute. The data management platform allows for real-time communication between assets, plants, data sources and business systems, resulting in optimal quality data, which can be utilised to simplify the deployment of new solutions and optimise key processes.

The recently completed proof of concept focused on optimising two different operational processes, both highlighting the benefits of data quality; to secure high-quality data and then apply machine learning in order to optimise trading decisions.

[quote]The use case showed how the solution could be used to predict intraday prices on the Nordic Energy market using external and internal data. Direct integration between the DigitalRoute Data Optimisation Platform and market data sources enabled this provider to gain increased operational control, speed and commercial agility.

Fortum will now utilise the experiences from the proof of concept in other areas such as operation and maintenance optimisation of charging infrastructure, smart living services and further solutions within energy trading.

Fortum`s vice president, trading and asset optimisation, Simon-Erik Ollus, observed: “…we can increase both our momentum in the market as well as our self-sufficiency. We can focus on simplifying the deployment of new solutions and optimising business processes, enabling a fast time-to-market.”

DigitalRoute CEO Andreas Zartmann said: “We are delighted that Fortum is working with us to demonstrate how energy companies can use it to turn innovations from an opportunity into a commercial success. We are also excited to partner with a visionary player in a fast-changing industry.”

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