Fortum launches domestic heating management solution


Kaj Ronnlund,
CEO, There
Fortum and Helsinki, Finland — (METERING.COM) — September 28, 2012 – Finnish utility company Fortum has launched the product “Fortum Fiksu,” to enable energy savings in homes with electrical central heating.

The savings are based on using the cheapest possible hours to heat the water in the boiler, and this is done automatically, without any interaction from the users. Fortum Fiksu, based on a software and system solution developed by Finnish technology provider There Corporation, collects the varying hourly electricity prices as well as the local weather forecasts from servers in the network, and then calculates the best times for heating during the day and night.

The basic Fortum Fiksu package includes a system controlling the central heating and an hourly rated electricity plan called “Fortum Tarkka”. A smart electricity meter is a prerequisite for enabling the billing based on the actual hourly consumption.

The companies believe this to be the first fully commercial market tracking demand response product for consumers in the world.

“The service that Fortum launches represents a new innovation within the energy market in Europe,” said Kaj Rönnlund, CEO of There Corporation. “In an international perspective, Finland is among the foremost countries as far as the development of energy efficient services is concerned.”