France’s smart gas meter rollout – Capgemini to develop information system


Paris, France — (METERING.COM) — September 10 2013 – GrDF has awarded two three-year contracts worth a total of €23 million to Capgemini to develop the information system for France’s smart gas meter rollout to 11 million homes by 2022.

The rollout of what will be the world’s largest gas meter deployment to date will begin in 2015. The Gazpar smart meters will provide GrDF customers with real time knowledge of their exact energy consumption, enabling them to monitor and control their energy bills more effectively. Verification and maintenance operations will be carried out without the need for the customer’s presence. It will also be easier and quicker to implement any changes required by the customer, for example concerning tariffs or services.

Capgemini will be in charge of developing the information system for the new meters, specifically the meter data collection and monitoring system that controls the network and ensures regularity of data collection. Capgemini will also run the meter data management system that operates indexes, calculates consumption, controls meter readings quality, and transmits them to the billing systems.

“This program is the fruit of our long-standing partnership with Capgemini, and enables us to take full advantage of the Capgemini teams’ knowledge of our business, as well as their expertise in smart metering systems,” commented Patrick Dardoise, GrDF’s Gas Smart Meter Program director.

Last month France’s government gave its approval in principle to the Gazpar rollout, with final approval subject to the tender for the project.