Fulfilling Nuon’s smart metering vision

MicroTask BV has announced the release of its NETINIUM® Meter Information Manager™ for large scale residential multi-vendor / multi-service smart metering. NETINIUM® is advanced middleware that enables utilities to mix and match different metering products and communication technologies such as PLC and GPRS into one seamless AMR/AMM infrastructure.

A rich set of unified vendor-agnostic services allows business processes to retrieve information from the field in a common way, strongly reducing integration complexity. With NETINIUM® business processes are no longer exposed to changes in the metering infrastructure, securing long-term stability and dramatically lowering operational costs. System administration such as network management, configuration management and security are centralised.

NETINIUM® Meter Information Manager™ is a strategic asset, enabling a utility to maximise the benefits of large scale residential AMR. It can be utilised by mono- and multi-utilities and is expandable to support emerging needs. NETINIUM® is used by Nuon, the second largest energy utility in the Netherlands to fulfil their smart metering vision.