Gas meters designed using flow simulation software


Actaris LogoChasseneuil du Poitou Cedex, France — (METERING.COM) — October 17, 2006 – Actaris, a designer and manufacturer of meters and systems for the electricity, gas, water and heat markets, used EFD.Lab computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software from Flomerics to design innovative gas meters.

Actaris fluidic meters work on the principle of putting an obstacle in the flow stream and using a sensor to measure the resulting oscillations to determine the flow rate. “EFD.Lab enabled Actaris engineers to simulate the flow velocity, direction and pressure quickly and accurately, making it possible to evaluate new design concepts without the expense and lead time required to build multiple prototypes,” said Actaris project manager Ibne Soreefan.

The company’s Dattus fM2 gas meter is based on the fluidic oscillation principle, and Actaris engineers evaluated a wide range of concept designs using software prototypes, including visualizing the flow inside each design at flow rates that covered the meter’s entire application range. These simulations helped engineers understand the sensitivity of the meter to key design parameters, and thus allowed the development of the optimized prototype in less time.