Gaz de France ESS Selects LODESTAR for Gas Quoting & Pricing


London, United Kingdom – September 27, 2006 – LODESTAR announced today that Gaz de France ESS has expanded its license for LODESTAR’s PricingExpert® and purchased a license for LODESTAR® Transaction Management Hub™ (LTMH™) to support its gas business customers in the UK market. This comes after having implemented an earlier version of PricingExpert and LODESTAR’s BillingExpert® for its electricity business. Gaz de France ESS is the 5th largest energy supplier to the Industrial and Commercial sector in the UK.

 Already a strong player in the UK energy market, Gaz de France ESS sought to strengthen its leadership and competitive position through the deployment of a new software solution to support energy cost management and pricing functions. PricingExpert provides them with the sustained business advantages they need to stay ahead of the competition. The application is an end-to-end pricing solution, managing the process from data validation, costing, pricing, and quotation through to contracting. The flexible nature of the product enables it to be configured to meet Gaz de France ESS’s exact needs and business processes, and will enable them to react quickly and easily to any future market or business changes. Through LTMH, Gaz de France ESS can easily interface with National Grid Transco, the UK gas transmission operator, for efficient transactions and communications.

 “After an extensive evaluation process, PricingExpert is still the leading pricing solution for Gaz de France ESS,” says David Richardson, Head of IT, Gaz de France ESS. “Having used PricingExpert in our electricity business, we decided to extend its usage into gas, as it not only met our functional and performance requirements, but it also provided a solution that was fully scalable and cost effective.” LODESTAR’s dedicated teams of delivery and services professionals who are ingrained in the local markets will work directly with Gaz de France ESS to deliver this high performance solution.

 Recent benchmarks have demonstrated PricingExpert’s unmatched performance in scalability and efficiency. “More and more companies are choosing PricingExpert for these reasons to stay ahead of the competition and to improve their business processes,” notes Julien Grouès, Vice President and Managing Director of Europe for LODESTAR. “We are pleased to add Gaz de France ESS once more to that list.”

About LODESTAR Corporation

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About Gaz de France

Gaz de France is a major energy player in Europe. It is the leading European natural gas supplier and has approximately 53,000 employees. Gaz de France recorded net sales of €22.4 billion in 2005, and serves 13.7 million customers, including 11 million in France. Listed on the Paris Stock Exchange since July 2005, the Group joined the CAC 40 share index and the Dow Jones Stoxx 600 in September 2005.

A subsidiary of Gaz de France, Gaz de France ESS has operated in the UK energy market since 1999, and in that time the UK energy markets have become increasingly complex and volatile. Against this background, Gaz de France ESS has grown to become one of the leading energy suppliers to major energy users through adopting a customer-orientated approach, providing solutions for individual needs. Gaz de France ESS is now the 5th largest energy supplier in the UK to the Industrial and Commercial sector. The company holds a 12% gas market share, and 5% electricity share, and Gaz de France ESS supply business is augmented by a range of special markets and trading services.