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Junifer CIS system supports automated processing of interval meter data every 30 minutes
Junifer CIS system supports automated processing of interval meter data every 30 minutes

In the UK, new energy retailer GB Energy Supply has chosen Junifer Systems’ customer billing software to propel its entry into the residential and commercial gas and electricity supply market.

Key to GB Energy’s selection of Junifer Sytem’s Utilities CIS billing solution was the need for rapid deployment of a billing platform that was scalable, cost-effective and flexible enough to cover its domestic and commercial energy supply markets, the company said in a statement.

The solution will reduce the lead time between initial contract and deployment to less than three months, the company confirmed, helping the new energy retailer to take advantage of the UK’s policy to speed up switching times.

Speed to electricity retail market

Commenting on the deal, Luke Watson, managing director of GB Energy Supply, added: “From the outset, Junifer Systems demonstrated a clear ability to help get us quickly into the UK energy supply market.

“They have given us a flexible, scalable and cost-effect platform capable of delivering on our business objectives in both the domestic and commercial energy supply markets as well as supporting future business innovation in response to changing market conditions and demands.

He added: “Giving us the ability to start signing up customers within three months of engaging with them, is a phenomenal achievement.”

Customer relationship and billing

Junifer’s end-to-end system integrates into existing front-end customer capture portals and back-office collection processes, as well as fully automated handling of data flows.

The CIS system is a product suite comprising customer relationship and billing modules at its core with additional modules for meter data management, market flow integration, ticketing, accounts receivable and a web enabler.

The software supports automated processing of interval meter readings for gas, electricity and water every 30 minutes.

Regular monitoring enables operators, like GB Energy Supply, to offer price plans to both reduce churn and attract new customers, Junifer said in a statement.

An additional benefit is giving consumers an overview of their overall energy bills and how to reduce them.