German utility uses Trilliant module for smart grid pilot


NEW Netz will use Trilliant’s smart metering and communications solution in the trial to see if the utility can reduce its non-technical losses, according to a Transmission & Distribution publication.

The solution will allow NEW to manage different smart grid and smart city applications on one network as well as incorporate future smart grid initiatives such as the integration of renewable energy onto the grid.

The development is one of NEW’s measures to help Germany meet EU goals of reducing carbon emissions whilst maintaining grid reliability.

Trilliant in smart communications development

Germany’s NEW has selected the Trilliant smart communications platform at a time when the Californian company is entering into partnerships to enhance functionalities of the solution.

In November, 2015, Trilliant engaged in a MoU with global M2M company Ingenu to acquire its smart grid application.

Under the terms of the deal, Trilliant said it will integrate Ingenu’s Random Phase Multiple Access (RMPA) network technology into its smart communications platform.

The addition of the RMPA technology built for M2M connectivity will complement Trilliant’s multi-tier RF mesh and cellular solutions powering the company’s network management and UnitySuite Smart Metering Head End System, said Andrew White CEO of Trilliant.

Mr White said the collaboration will provide utilities with the simplicity of one platform supporting multiple technologies built with open standards, and having broad industry support.

The deal will also allow Ingenu to enhance its network ecosystem partnerships while expanding is machine to machine network.