Germany utilities sign Eltel for provision of services


According to a statement, the northern European-based technical services company has signed contracts worth ten million euros to provide the three Germany utilities with services between 2017 and 2022.

Eltel has been tasked by Avacon GmbH and BS Netz GmbH, providers of electricity, water and gas services, to help the utilities to change the type of gas that consumers are being provided with from L type to H type.

Under the contract with Avacon and BS Netz, Eltel will be responsible for the management of projects including the development of transmission and distribution infrastructure for the new gas type which private households will be using.

The two gas utilities are changing their gas to H type following a mandate issued by the German government to do so. The use of H gas will help Germany to reduce its carbon emissions and help consumers improve their energy efficiency, highlights a statement.

The change of the gas type will require adjustments to about five million gas distribution, transmission and consumer points by 2030.

Following the company’s 2016 acquisition of metering firm U-Serv GmbH, Eltel has been selected by EWE NETZ GmbH to implement manual meter reading for gas, electric and water consumers.

German utilities, energy and EV infrastructure

In other news coming out of the German utilities landscape, in mid-July German distribution network operator Stromnetz Hamburg partnered with an Australian company, Tritium, to expand its electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure in Hamburg.

According to Inside EVs, the energy distribution firm awarded Tritium a tender to construct some 52 direct current electric vehicle charging stations within a period of four months.

Paul Sernia, Tritium’s Commercial Director said: “Stromnetz Hamburg is committed to growing its electric mobility network and wanted a fast charger that would function in its inner-city environments.

“We worked closely with Stromnetz Hamburg on the project to develop a compliant charger that also met all their functional requirements. In the narrow streets of Germany’s older city centres, the Veefil-UT can be installed on a standard pedestrian walkway without obstructing pedestrian traffic, pushchairs or wheelchairs etc.” [Tennet launches DER pilots in Germany and the Netherlands].

The electric vehicle charging stations will have two outputs to charge 50KW and 11KW electric vehicles at the same time.


Image Credit: 123rf.