Getting help when you need it most


With over 30 years’ expertise in the gas metering industry, and direct experience of advanced market liberalisation in the UK, Advantica Technologies is uniquely placed to offer meter asset management (MAM) – a one-stop consultancy for new and existing gas metering businesses in both developing and mature markets.

The strategic decisions made in the early stages of any new business venture are vital to its future success. The metering industry is no different, and getting the right advice at the right time is of fundamental importance. Advantica is uniquely placed to offer support to new metering ventures, helping to ensure maximum operational efficiency and effective capital cost management while complying with regulatory standards.

Advantica’s team of experts are experienced in identifying the specific strategic objectives and challenges of their clients and tailoring solutions to help realise optimum business benefit. Advantica’s expertise, advice and technology support is relevant across a broad range of business-critical areas, including risk management, investment planning, management processes, technology implementation and legislation.

Moving ahead

Increasingly, as deregulation becomes more widespread, Advantica’s knowledge and experience of the associated technical, safety, legal and regulatory issues can provide existing metering businesses with a valuable competitive edge. 

Advantica has a proven track record of working in partnership with clients around the globe to enhance their business performance. In the UK, for example, Advantica has provided tailored support to Transco to manage a meter asset base of over 20 million residential, industrial, commercial and custody transfer meters with a regulated value of £1.4 billion. Advantica has helped Transco to:

  • Reduce CAPEX and OPEX costs
  • Maintain high levels of safety
  • Increase meter accuracy
  • Comply with regulatory standards
  • Implement cost-effective meter replacement strategies
  • Save and mitigate millions of pounds in legal disputes relating to billing and metering assets
  • Implement advanced metering technologies to meet future demand.

During the last three years Advantica has consulted to a variety of clients, including MetroGas in Argentina; Comgas and LAO in Brazil; Bord Gais in Ireland; and BG Group, PWC and Invensys in the UK.

The right tools

The best strategy in the world will not be successful if the people employed to implement it are not equipped with the right tools. This is why Advantica also offers a variety of technical services and products, from training and education to specific hardware and software, which improve metering business performance by enabling your employees to do their jobs more effectively and by your ability to offer additional specialised services.

An example of this is Advantica’s meter replacement decision support service, which uses advanced tools to provide information on the impact of replacement decisions on the performance and life-cycle of the asset base. In addition, where traditional methods of identifying inaccurate meters, qualifying their impact and developing an appropriate replacement strategy have been costly, time-consuming and prone to error, Advantica has developed new tools to achieve these aims, such as the best in its class In-Service Meter Tester and MANTA software.