Russian gas monopoly Gazprom and other Russian energy corporations hope to give their Global Energy Prize the same notoriety as the Nobel Prize, according to its President Igor Lobovski.

Mr Lobovski, who oversees the annual awarding of US$1.17m for outstanding energy achievements and innovationssaid: “ Sincerely, we are jealous, and in a good way, of our colleagues at the NobelPrize and of their enormous notoriety in the world.”

The Global Energy Prize awards innovation and achievements that develop the energy industry.

Lobovski confirms that this year’s nomination pool includes 3,000 scientists and energy professionals. An international committee of 25 scientists from 10 countries will select a winner by secret ballot.

When questioned if the Russian monopoly behind the awards would be less keen on energy-saving measures, Lobovski said: “I have to admit that currently, nothing is being done in Russia in the aread of energy savings.”

Past laureates include Arthur Rosenfeld, an advisor on energy to California Governor Schwarzenegger, for his work in energy saving and energy efficiency.

The foundation’s board of trustees include Russia’s business and political establishment, including former president Mikhail Gorbachev.