GRDF launches world’s largest smart gas meter rollout


The French distribution system operator, GRDF, launched the world’s largest rollout of smart gas meters in May 2017, following an 18 month trial, which received regulatory approval from the French government in April 2017.

GRDF, which serves 90% of France’s gas market, selected Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management to help it deliver smart metering services to 11 million customers as part of its gas smart meters programme.

GRDF has now begun the full-scale replacement of its 11 million mechanical meters with new smart devices and is one step closer toward achieving its aim of replacing all current gas meters within 5 years.

GRDF is currently upgrading the natural gas transmission network to make it an effective tool for the energy transition.

Eventually, it will be digitised and connected to provide four major features: integrating locally-produced renewable gas, improving safety and performance for the natural gas supply, providing customers and cities with data they can use in their efforts to manage energy demand and creating bridges to other networks so that they can take advantage of the storage capacity and flexibility of the natural gas network.

In anticipation of the clean energy package, the transition to smart metering will also help GRDF respond to new European regulation.

Edouard Sauvage, CEO at GRDF said, “Replacing 11 million mechanical meters with smart devices takes more than just a new IT infrastructure. This is a major transformation for GRDF and for France, and we needed a technology partner that could help us to continue delivering the highest standard of service to our customers.”

Rodger Smith, Senior Vice President for Oracle Utilities added: “The French gas market has a clear roadmap for the transition to digital service delivery and the move to smart metering is an integral part of this evolution. The configurability and strength of Oracle Meter Data Management make it ideally suited to that end. With this roll-out and its investment in Oracle, GRDF is setting a new tone for the relationship between French utilities, their customers and the network.”


Image credit: Stock