Green Energy UK selects Trilliant to manage smart meter infrastructure


According to a statement, Trilliant will provide Green Energy UK with the company’s Smart Meter System Operators (SMSO) solution for the management of smart meters installed for the utility’s existing and new customers.

“Green Energy UK will be using the Trilliant SMSO platform hosted by Stark, which includes data assurance, data analytics and asset financing via Stark Utility Funding and elective half-hourly settlement, which will help to deliver a more flexible, innovative and efficient electricity market,” says a statement.

Stark will have access to Trilliant’s SMSO via the cloud. The solution will be used by Green Energy UK to introduce time of use energy tariffs to encourage its residential and commercial customers to avoid high energy use during peak periods and when renewable energy generation is low.

Chris Greer, the contracts manager for Green Energy UK, commented: “As an eco-based supplier dedicated to engaging environmentally conscious clients, we know the smart metering landscape can be complex and challenging.”

Richard Wiles, vice president of Trilliant Networks, added: “Knowing there was a need in the market, we developed and launched this easy-to-deploy solution for environmentally conscious companies who needed an available, non-resource-intensive solution.”

Energy efficient and green energy UK

In addition to installing smart meters and increasing its renewable energy portfolio to stabilise its energy system, the UK has also prioritised energy efficiency to keep consumer bills low, meet peak demands and simplify the integration of distributed energy resources with grid networks.

In early August, the UK government through the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) selected the Carbon Trust to lead the Industrial Energy Efficiency Accelerator (IEEA) programme. The IEEA was launched in January to increase the use of energy efficient technologies in the industrial sector.

The Carbon Trust is an independent organisation which helps governments, firms and projects in the adoption and commercialisation of low carbon energy efficient technologies for a more sustainable future.

The BEIS will through the Energy Innovation Programme direct £9.2 million ($12 million) in investments, toward the implementation of the IEEA over the next four years. Read more…