Green light for Ireland – Installation of extensive systems solution in Dublin


Drive-by readout

A quiet revolution is under way in the Irish capital. Extensive Hydrometer Group system technology and up to now 30,000 Hydrometer water meters have been installed since 2006 in a project for the Water Services Departments of the Greater Dublin region.

This internationally trend setting project provides facilities for reading the meters of all business enterprises in the Dublin region using the “drive-by” method, which offers considerable savings in time and cost. The central collection of all measurement data by the Water Services Departments provides valuable knowledge of consumption, leakages and potential savings.

Automatic meter reading
The meter radio sets have been installed by a local Irish civil contractor as general contractor. The Water Services personnel carry out the meter reading by using vehicles equipped with the Hydro-Radio receiver system. In addition to this drive-by method, the meter data can also be collected conventionally by a meter reader using the walk-by method. The advantages are certainly obvious: making appointments is unnecessary, reading is also possible at shorter intervals with little effort, and the comprehensive Hydrometer Group system means the data can be forwarded electronically without interruption and evaluated without changing the medium. Even with meter read intervals of every quarter, the Hydrometer Group system also gives individual month-end readings, allowing better understanding of the demand profile for each customer.


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Hydrometer Group software and hardware
The AMR solution operates by innovatively linking hardware and software. Each of the Bonyto rotary piston water meters is fitted with the latest generation of the Hydro- Radio Compact radio transponder. The Hydrometer Group configures the components in the factory and delivers them as a ready-to-install set. On-site programming is therefore no longer necessary, which eliminates possible operating errors right from the start.

“Equipping our water meters with our own AMR system is a key element of our system strategy,” says Adam Mechel, director sales and marketing at Hydrometer GmbH. “The basis is a flexible system module that allows individual solutions to be developed for each project. This system is pioneering in Europe and we look forward to successfully finishing it in cooperation with our partner in Ireland.”


Bonyto water meter with clip-on
radio transponder

Planned timing
The installation work started in 2006 and will be completed by September this year. The company’s Irish customer is accordingly satisfied: Lar Spain, Senior Engineer, Water Services, Fingal County Council believes the versatility of this solution using Hydrometer technology will permit the Greater Dublin Local Authorities to meet and exceed current and future operational challenges.

“We are focused on utilising the best AMR system available, so that we can provide our customers with the most accurate and efficient water service possible,” says Spain. “This technology investment represents a major step in that direction.” The Water Services Departments supply about 1.6 million inhabitants with drinking water and waste water services in the Greater Dublin region.