GreenPeak develops ‘senior lifestyle’ smart home platform

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According to statement by GreenPeak, industry experts predict a 20% CAGR in the senior lifestyle applications market

GreenPeak, a Dutch provider of radio frequency (RF) communication technology, has partnered with self-learning monitoring company Sensara in a bid to develop a ‘senior lifestyle’ smart home platform.

According to a company statement, Sensara’s software platform claims to enable elderly people to continue living in their own home longer.

The Senior Lifestyle Solution pairs Sensara’s smart software platform with GreenPeak’s RF technology to manage security or energy in the home, based on learned behaviour patterns, while also identifying issues of concern at an early stage.

The behavioural-technology platform follows the daily activities of senior citizens in their homes and learns to differentiate between normal and abnormal conditions.

Family members can be alerted to any changes in routine that might indicate an accident or illness.

GreenPeak and Sensara expect to launch their new solutions early next year.

The Utrecht-based company states that industry experts predict a 20% CAGR in the senior lifestyle applications market, mirroring the high growth in the broader smart home market.

Smart home platform make-up

In related smart home news, a new report entitled The Mass Market Smart Home states that while there is much excitement around the smart home market, connected home use cases, as opposed to products, “will fulfill the promise of the smart home”.

In a statement by Vivint, smart home technology provider and sponsor to the report, added that: “Moving the smart home industry from early adopters to mass market will depend on widely popular applications of the technology, rather than the technology itself.”

The report’s author, Michael Wolf at market research firm NextMarket Insights, notes that the smart home segments showing exponential growth include the ageing, retirement, eldercare, pet care and children and teenagers markets.

M2M WorldNews stated that “the ability of the industry to show that the smart home fulfills a set of needs across a variety of consumer segments is the most important collective challenge facing it today.”