Engie adds grid frequency response as a service

The programme aims to help French electricity transmission system operator ‘RTE’ to balance power demand and power available to ensure grid reliability and avoid power outages at distribution level.

In a press statement, Engie said it will help RTE maintain its baseline frequency using an energy storage system connected to the French distribution system.

Energy storage and grid reliability

The utility will use its BattGrid energy storage system to help RTE store excess electricity and supply it into the grid system during peak demands or when it is needed.

The news follows an the implementation of a law by the French government to support the use of new smart grid technologies including energy storage systems for grid stability.

Engie claims that its use of BattGrid to store electricity within the transmission system is the first of its kind in France and will help RTE reduce energy storage and operational costs.

[quote] The firm said the system will help the transmission system operator reduce its carbon emission by storing excess energy for later use thereby avoiding generating power using conventional sources to meet peak demands.

The solution includes a 1MW lithium-ion battery and was developed and successfully tested by Engie Ion under smart energy project ‘Smart Grid Experience’ conducted in Toulese.

For Yann Rolland, Chairman of ENGIE Ineo, commented: “the challenges of the energy transition compels us to improve our energy use. The electricity grid is currently changing, to become more communicative, more interactive and smarter. It has incorporated intermittent renewable energy sources and storage systems.”

“ENGIE ambitions to become the world leader of the energy transition. The launch of this innovative service for electricity frequency support using BattGrid™ illustrates the Group’s ability both to reach this objective, to adapt to regulatory changes and to seize new business opportunities,” added Edouard Neviaski, CEO of Global Energy Management business at Engie. [Engie opens new smart energy lab in Singapore}


Image credit: www.edienet.com.

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