H5000 Woltmann turbine water meter wins European approval


Luton, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — April 6, 2011 – The Slovak Institute of Metrology has approved Elster’s next generation H5000 Woltmann turbine bulk water meter in accordance with European Measuring Instruments Directive 2004/22/EC, the company has announced.

The approved measuring range of 1600:1 marks the first time this level of performance has been achieved from a Woltmann type water meter.

With a range of important features and its innovative measuring technology, the H5000 is ideally suited for billing or water distribution applications.

A new rotor design combined with proven sensor technology maximizes its measuring range, while the single measuring element improves sensitivity, durability and maintains its useful life even at the highest flow rates. With low flow capabilities similar to combination meters, the H5000 provides a metrological performance that ensures accurate measurement of minimum night flows.

The H5000 meter has an advanced electronic register which includes integrated communications covering a range of industry standard outputs compatible with common AMR/AMI systems and data-logging equipment.

“The approval of a range of H5000 meter sizes under European Directive 2004/22/EC recognizes the substantial investment and expertise of Elster’s development team,” commented Tim Gabriel, senior vice president of operations for Elster’s global water business. “The H5000 offers customers a solution that provides accurate water measurement in support of both commercial billing and network applications.”