The Dutch are known to be among the pioneers in implementing smart meters and related projects, and Iskraemeco has been present in the market since the first pilot projects began and has now reached the half million smart meter milestone.

Iskraemecos’ presence in the market continues also with close cooperation in the Fair Meter initiative.

“Alliander, Enexis and DNWG started with smart metering pilot projects in 2006-7 for the purpose of gaining knowledge on the smart metering technology and communication,” explained Pierre Souren, contract manager at Enexis.

Iskraemeco has been part of this process from the start and since 2011 the company has been delivering larger quantities of smart meters for the small scale rollout. The smart meters are based on the Dutch Smart Metering Requirements (DSMR) specifications and the NTA standard describing the Dutch smart meter infrastructure.

Iskraemeco’s smart meters enable remote connection/disconnection, which in turn allows utilities to rationalize their maintenance and operational expenses. Since consumers are becoming a proactive member in the energy sector, it is of extreme importance that they operate with accurate consumption information.

“For the small scale rollout, Iskraemeco was one of the selected vendors out of a European tender for smart single and polyphase GSM/GPRS electricity meters. After an intense period of good cooperation, development and testing, Dutch grid operators installed over 500,000 Iskraemeco smart meters.,” said Marcel Weggemans, contract manager at Alliander.

Being a part of the Fair Meter initiative is in line with Iskraemeco`s aspirations for delivering high quality products that support worldwide sustainability policies. Therefore it is our goal to become an active member of the Fair Meter Initiative, an open network to raise sustainable practices in the smart metering rollout. Iskraemeco meters are recyclable, produced in modern and fair working environment and support the environmentally friendly attitude of utilities worldwide.

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