Heat energy AMR system installed in southern Wales


Oldham, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — February 17, 2009 – A ground breaking metering project has been installed recently at the Prince Wales dock in Swansea in southern Wales, on behalf of the Swansea and Gwalia Housing Associations.

Mariners Court within the Prince of Wales dock area, which in its heyday used to be a thriving hub for the metalworking industries, is a development of 54 apartments fed by a central boiler house. A £10.5 million investment commissioned by Swansea Housing Association, it is aimed at providing affordable homes on a prestigious Swansea development.

Each apartment will have its hot water heating consumption measured using a compact heat meter.  The heat meters are connected to a wireless device which transmits key data.  This data is collected on a Psion Walkabout.  Once the data has been retrieved, it can be downloaded into billing software for despatch to the apartment resident.

The project was carried out by South Wales-based electrical and mechanical engineering solutions provider Electro Technical Services (ETS), and meter supplier Stream Measurement.

The meters deployed from Stream are the split Sensus Pollucom C, a versatile compact heat meter that uses a mechanical flow sensor and onboard calculator to establish the energy consumed by the tenant. The split form allows the display to be installed separate from the pipework, to provide a more accessible visual check. The meter is connected to the Sensus((S))cout walk-by AMR solution, which was developed to provide mobile and remote reading of meters in high density residential areas and in lower density commercial/industrial locations.  

The heat meters are directly wired to the radio transponder that sends consumption information to external data collectors. A handheld unit is then used to read meters simultaneously from the same point as part of a mobile “walk-by” system.

Phil Vaulters, director of ETS, said the company had made a major investment in qualifying to be part of the housing association consortium, and that it worked closely with the association and engineers to implement its wishes.

“Stream offered the best sourced bespoke package to suit our client’s needs, offering not only product but support in sizing the meters and identifying the best hardware to deliver the remote reading capability,” Vaulters added.

The next plot to Mariners Court is another social housing development managed by Gwalia, Lys Hafan. The same boiler house will be used to feed this apartment block of a further 80 properties.