HGI releases home gateway software requirements


Duncan Bees,
Chief Technical
& Business Officer,
Sophia Antipolis, France — (METERING.COM) — July 20, 2011 – The Home Gateway Initiative has published a document setting out the requirements that support software applications on the home gateway within a flexible, managed framework.

The document, “Requirements for Software Modularity on the Home Gateway” (HGI-RD008-3), is expected to bring service providers closer to making more next generation applications a reality.
“Service providers are looking at deploying next generation applications using the home gateway and this document takes a major step towards making home automation, energy management and diagnostics, along with other next generation applications, a reality,” said Duncan Bees, chief technical and business officer for the HGI

Service delivery to residential customers beyond triple play services demands the integration of home devices and appliances into WAN located service infrastructures. Especially for retail devices, such integration requires a software-based integration in the home network, and the variety of available technologies makes it very difficult to cope with all of them using standardized functions. So, in order to achieve the next level of service integration, there is a need for software flexibility on the main operator controlled device in the home: the home gateway.

The document contains a home gateway software modularity architecture specification with a software execution platform integrated into the firmware, allowing for installing, updating, uninstalling as well as starting and stopping software modules, while the underlying firmware image remains untouched.
Plans are also in place to considerably extend the scope of software modularity testing at a 2011 test event in the U.K. later this year.