High power 868MHz short range module introduced by Telit


Dominikus Hierl,
Chief Marketing
Officer, Telit
Wireless Solutions
London, England — (METERING.COM) — January 28, 2013 – The LE70-868 point-to-point, startopology shortrange wireless module for the European multi-kilometer range wired-to-wireless network migration market has been introduced by Telit Wireless Solutions.

The LE70-868 operates on the 868MHz European ISM license free frequency allowing manufacturers to quickly integrate wireless communication, control, and sensor nodes replacing wire networked models and fully meeting regulatory compliance on the shortrange radio link.

The 139dB radio link budget makes integration to the host hardware simple, eliminating the need for complex and costly NRE into radio and antenna engineering and design. High 500mW configurable radio output power combined with -112dBm sensitivity significantly improve the customer device’s operating range – up to 10 km – and reliability. And an ultra-low 1μA standby current allows successful integration of the module into battery powered electronic designs that require battery replacement cycles in multiples of years.

The compact module is housed in a 26x15mm package and is capable of sustaining data rates up to 57.7Kbps providing customers a wide array of application possibilities. AES encryption allows the LE70-868 to be applied in products transmitting sensitive data as well. The module is also form factor compatible with its ZigBee and low power mesh counterparts, as well as air interface inter-connectable to the lower radiopower LE50 series point-to-point startopology shortrange wireless products.

“The LE70-868 was designed to help manufacturers of electronic devices which have traditionally been cable networked go wireless quickly and easily,” said Dominikus Hierl, chief marketing officer at Telit Wireless Solutions. “The LE70-868 follows the engineering tradition of all our cellular and short-range modules, with performance and features that can significantly lower BOM cost and engineering complexity.”

The LE70-868 is available in LGA and DIP mounting solutions with a range of development tools and associated products such as cellular gateways.