Honeywell and Pearlstone team on demand response


London-based Pearlstone Energy said this week it will reward participating commercial and industrial customers for reducing energy consumption during periods when demand exceeds available supply.

Honeywell will supply its demand response automation server to manage the reductions expected to save a minimum of 3MW by early 2016.

The automation server will also allow Pearlstone Energy to communicate with participating buildings to trigger the reduction measures.

The demand aggregator firm will conduct site audits to assist in the design of the energy reduction measures.

In addition to payment for their participation, commercial and industrial customers will reduce their energy bills by avoiding costly peak pricing periods and network demand charges.

Pearlstone Energy also intends to sell the aggregated customer energy load saved by the programme on the wholesale energy markets at profitable trading times to drive additional potential revenue for participants.

Pearlstone and Honeywell said they expect the program will grow over the next five years to more than 200MW of capacity.

“Shifting energy use is a viable alternative to producing additional megawatts of energy, especially as countries like the UK seek cleaner sources to balance the grid while meeting carbon reduction commitments,” said Justin McCurnin, vice president and general manager of Honeywell Smart Grid Solutions.

Customer billing in the UK

The Honeywell-Pearlstone collaboration to improve customer billing follows a partnership in late November’s between CGI, Junifer Systems and energy solutions provider Utiligroup to develop a solution targeted at UK energy retailers’ customer billing systems.

The three launched new software ER360 that allows established and new retailers to respond to UK regulatory and market changes.

CGI says the solution meets UK-specific billing and regulatory requirements such as the Climate Change Levy, Ofgem reporting and other specific energy sector’s legislations.

The company said ER360 combines Junifer’s customer care and billing applications with Utiligroup’s automated flow management system to manage processes such as customer registration and CGI’s smart data service.