Hybrid smart energy: Italian company and SES SMART Energy partner in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia aims to obtain one third of its power from renewable sources by 2032
Saudi Arabia aims to obtain one third of its power from renewable sources by 2032

In the Middle East, Italian independent power producer Building Energy and rental power provider SES SMART Energy Solutions have partnered to develop the first temporary hybrid plant in Saudi Arabia.

Under the agreement, the pair will create the smart energy solution by constructing a 14 MW diesel-solar plant, which is expected to generate 54 MWh per year from solar energy and will count as the first “on-field application” of SES SMART Energy’s Green Energy Temporary Solution.

According to Thomson Reuters, the Green Energy Temporary Solution is a “hybrid, modular and portable solution that employs renewable energy sources technologies for the temporary production of power in off-grid areas.”

Hybrid smart energy solution

The solution provided by Building Energy and SES SMART Energy will include a combination of solar powered generation integrated with diesel generator sets. These hybrid energy technologies are aimed at decreasing reliance on diesel fuel and cut carbon emissions.

SES SMART Energy Solutions is reported to be one of the primary rental power providers across the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia region, catering to short-term energy needs.

RWE’s distributed energy model

Meanwhile, in western Europe, Germany’s second largest utility RWE, is looking to distributed energy technologies to transform its business model, by piloting several projects in a bid to avoid succumbing to the so called “utility death spiral”.

According to The Energy Collective, RWE’s central power plant business is losing a large amount of money as a result of Germany’s aggressive push toward renewable energy generation.

In order to modify its current business model and provide relevant services to its customers, the Essen-based utility has embarked on the rollout of numerous pilot projects across Europe in efforts to bring together large-scale renewable energy, customer-sites energy resources and local control system to identify new cost-effective and reliable methods of integrating clean energy into it operations.