Iberdrola launches Spain’s first smart grid


Ignacio Galán,
Castellón, Spain — (METERING.COM) — July 2, 2010 – Spanish utility Iberdrola has launched its first smart grid in Castellón in the Valencia region of Spain.

Making the announcement, Iberdrola chairman Ignacio Galán said the company is set to invest €22 million in the Castellón project, which will include upgrading over 600 transformer stations and replacing the over 100,000 power meters supplying the city’s 175,000 inhabitants.  

“This is a cutting edge project in Spain entailing a major technological shift in the power distribution business,” said Galán. “Castellón is set to become Spain’s – and possibly the world’s – leading city in this field.”

The company’s first steps in the city have been to renovate 26 transformer centers and to commission the first 60 new power meters.

Castellón’s new smart network will support the remote provision of services, such as meter reading, subscriptions and deletions and changes to contracted capacity. The upgrade will enable clients to monitor their usage data in real time and, subject to suitable future regulations, utilize flexible rates to improve their energy efficiency.

Further, the network is expected to encourage the development and implementation of other innovative initiatives, including electric vehicles.

Last month Itron announced that it had been selected to provide the metering infrastructure for the project (see Iberdrola selects phase one smart metering partner).

Work on the installations started in April and are expected to be completed by November.

Thereafter in 2011, Iberdrola’s smart grid project, named STAR (Sistemas de Telegestión y Automatización, Remote Management and Automation Systems), will be expanded to other locations.