Iberdrola successfully completes Syserwind demo project


Iberdrola has announced successful completion of the Syserwind demo project, which was undertaken in collaboration with Gamesa, Red Eléctrica de España (REE) and the Institute for Technological Research (IIT) at the University of Comillas, to create new power frequency and voltage control equipment and systems to optimize the connection between wind farms and electricity transmission grids.

The two-year project was carried out at 15 of Iberdrola’s wind power facilities located in Andalusia, which are equipped with Gamesa wind turbines and have a combined installed capacity of over 480 MW. These wind farms are connected to three nodes in the 400 kV transmission grid operated by REE. They were equipped with the systems developed in the Syserwind project, allowing coordinated work on controlling the power generated by the facilities and altering the voltage in the grid.

This demo project, which was analyzed by IIT, confirmed the technical feasibility of wind power when taking part in power frequency and voltage control services in the electricity system.

Syserwind, which was headed by Iberdrola, was one of six full-scale demo projects carried out under the European Twenties program.  This research project aims to further the development of new technologies that will allow for the mass-scale inclusion of wind power in the European electricity system, with a view to meeting the EU’s environmental targets.

Iberdrola notes in its statement that the Syserwind project contributes towards the ongoing enhancement of wind power, of which the company has a combined capacity of some 14,000 MW worldwide.

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