IoT: IBM selected to modernise Fingrid’s electricity grid network

Finnish national electricity transmission grid operator Fingrid has chosen IBM to help drive transformation in the country’s electricity industry using IoT technology.

Fingrid is Finland’s primary electricity transmission grid operator and seeks to provide uninterrupted service for customers.

The grid operator has used networks of sensors and IBM’s advanced analytics to create a new solution called ELVIS, providing system operators with a consolidated view of the entire electricity transmission grid.

The ELVIS solution provides a view of long-term plans to the daily management and maintenance of assets and infrastructure.

According to a company release, IBM notes that maintaining a constant flow of electricity through Fingrid’s 14,000 km electricity grid is not an easy task, and requires a holistic understanding of grid operations, maintenance and safety issues.

The release adds that Fingrid wants to push the boundaries and find new ways of boosting reliability, controlling costs and supporting better investment decisions.

Marcus Stenstrand, grid manager at Fingrid Oyj, said: “Today’s power systems are getting more and more complex. At the same time as there is a growing requirement that power must be available all the time. We must therefore be able to do fast large-scale fault investigation thereby reducing the impact on people and businesses all over Finland.

He adds: “We realized that we needed to combine near-real-time big data analytics with external factors such as weather to increase the reliability of the grid and ensure the highest levels of service for our customers.”

Grid modernisation through IoT

The Finnish grid operator had previously collected data from disparate systems and databases manually, which would often stretch into days and weeks to get the information needed for root cause analysis.

Fingrid will use IBM’s IoT technology to increase the automation of the system helping Fingrid to pinpoint discrepancies and optimise maintenance scheduling and management.

When connecting asset information with geographic location and financial data, Fingrid can use sophisticated graphical visualizations to gain a better understanding of maintenance and operating costs.

[quote] Chris O’Connor, general manager, Offerings, IBM Watson IoT said: “Together, cognitive computing and Internet of Things are poised to transform whole industries.

“Nowhere is this more critical than the power industry where outages and system failures can have deep impact across business and society. Fingrid is leading the way using networks of sensors and advanced analytics to infuse the grid with intelligence, making it more resilient, reliable and secure.”