In-house display helps to cut water consumption by 39 percent


Ian Reekie
demonstrates the
in-house display
Harlow, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — December 15, 2008 – Using an in-house display a retired couple from Weymouth in the U.K. have reduced their water consumption by 39 percent.

The SMART View display from wireless telemetry specialist Radio-Tech allows the user to monitor their water usage, shape their consumption pattern and proactively check for leakage. Within a month of the display being installed in their third-floor flat of Ian and Jean Reekie, the couple – the first domestic users of the device – had reduced their average daily water consumption from 222 l to 136 l.

“The primary value of SMART View is to be able to tell, within a day or so, how effective any water saving method is that we try,” said Reekie. “We’ve also been able to locate and identify our property’s big water consumers more easily, and then take the necessary action.”

SMART View excuses the couple from having to estimate the scale of their next bill, a difficult task given that they are billed every six months. In addition, it is no longer necessary to clamber down into a pit in the middle of the pavement outside the flat to read the meter.

The solar-powered SMART View features convenient numerical and graphical displays for ease of interpretation, allowing customers to quickly compare their current, previous and average consumption.