Industrial wireless router with UMTS/HSDPA support for innovative solutions in telemetry and telematics


Hamburg, Germany — (METERING.COM) — August 11, 2009 – Two new mobile routers developed for industrial applications, the TAINY HMOD-L1-IO and the TAINY HMOD-V2-IO, are being introduced by data communications solutions provider Dr Neuhaus Telekommunikation.

Both devices connect decentralized systems to a company network via mobile broadband service. They support UMTS/HSDPA and are capable of transmitting very large data volumes in a cost effective manner, enabling new, innovative solutions in telemetry and telematics.

In general, package oriented data transmission via mobile radio networks offers considerable advantages in both practicality and cost effectiveness over alternatives. Typical applications include substation control and condition monitoring among others.

Both routers use TCP/IP as the base protocol, thus offering maximum investment security. They are equipped with an integrated firewall, which protects against unauthorized access.

The L1 model is designed for use with fixed IP addresses, while the V2 version offers additional features for safe end to end communication via open networks or dynamic IP address support.