Inteli selects Oracle to support rollout of EV charging stations for Portugal’s MOBI-E project


Lisbon, Portugal and Redwood Shores, CA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — July 19, 2011 – The private non-profit association Inteli and Oracle are working together to deliver the installation of 1,300 slow charging stations and 50 fast charging stations in Portugal to support the government’s MOBI-E vehicle electrification project.

The pilot project, which is being rolled out across 25 municipalities and the main highways throughout the country, will consist of an integrated platform able to deliver electric mobility in a single system, open and easily accessible to each user.

MOBI-E is aimed to provide a universal and integrated platform for electric mobility, and will help support Portugal’s aim to be less reliant on fossil fuels and in turn, reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Additionally, Portugal will host one of Renault-Nissan’s battery plants, which will support the rollout of electric vehicles (EVs) across Europe.

The MOBI-E platform will include the implementation of Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing. This will deliver base rating and billing functionalities, enabling monthly flat rate and time-of-day rating of electricity consumption, network usage and/or additional service charging such as parking, roaming between EV operators and energy retailers, as well as the settlement and clearing of all transactions among the service providers.

Furthermore, the integration of power equipment, charging infrastructure and energy management software is achieved with Oracle’s Fusion Middleware and Database 11g, which support the performance and near real-time operation; Siebel CRM, which powers customer and contract lifecycle management as well as web self-services; WebCenter Suite and WebLogic Suite 11g; and Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, which handles the overall analytics and business management.

“We are extremely proud to be working together on the world’s first, truly integrated mobility platform and hope MOBI-E sets the standard for similar programmes in the future,” said Luis Reis, director of Mobility, Inteli.