IP support for TI’s CC2530 single chip solution for 2.4 GHz wireless sensor networks


Ville Mickelsson,
CEO, Sensinode
Oulu, Finland — (METERING.COM) — May 14, 2009 – The NanoStack 2.0 software from IP-based wireless mesh network solution supplier Sensinode Ltd. is ready for deployment on the Texas Instruments CC2530, a 2.4 GHz, IEEE 802.15.4 compliant system-on-chip.

Coupled with the new TI device, Sensinode’s software for IP-based wireless sensor networks provides utility industry OEMs and integrators with a robust platform for advanced metering infrastructure and smart energy products.

Sensinode first announced support for advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solutions based on TI radio and microcontroller devices in 2008. A member of the TI Low-Power RF Developer Network, Sensinode software already runs on both the earlier generation TI high frequency and 868/915 MHz solutions for applications that benefit from longer range (up to several kilometers) distributed networks.

“We see growing interest in the use of international standards for low power IP network connectivity in smart grid and related home energy infrastructure,” said Ville Mickelsson, CEO of Sensinode. “As government initiatives in the United States raise interest in cost effective, low power wireless connectivity for monitoring and controlling electricity usage, we expect that our experience with European customers will translate readily into solutions for the North American market.”

NanoStack 2.0 helps system providers meet growing demand for low-cost, small form factor IP-enabled devices based on the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) 6LoWPAN standard. Key features include the industry’s best code footprint, as little as 32 k of flash, extreme robustness and the potential to support customer applications on the same processor as the IP-network stack.

“TI and Sensinode have successfully collaborated on customer projects and as co-members of the IPSO Alliance, which was formed to promote the Internet Protocol as the network of choice for connecting smart objects around the world,” said Laurent Giai-Miniet, general manager of TI’s Low-Power RF business. “By leveraging IETF defined IP-standards for the growing smart grid market, TI and its customers will accelerate innovation and help the utility industry enable new capabilities in smart energy.”