Italian customers promised price certainty


Milan, Italy — (METERING.COM) — February 15, 2008 – Italian utility Eni has launched the Prezzo Certo Decrescente (Reducing Fixed Price) offer, whereby its power and gas prices will be capped for two years and will decrease in the second year. As part of the promotion Eni is also offering a free household energy consultation which allows customers to save money thanks to a more efficient use of energy.

The offers will be available throughout the country, and confirm Eni’s commitment to the promotion of responsible and efficient use of energy. Eni’s electrical energy is produced from plants fuelled entirely from renewable sources, as certified by an independent international authority.

There are further advantages to this promotion. Eni’s customers who have an electronic remotely-read meter and consume more than two thirds of their energy in the evening, at weekends and on public holidays can save even more by choosing the Bioraria (Two-hour) option included in the Prezzo Certo Energia Elettrica offer. In choosing this offer, the price is lower during peak hours, with the assurance of a lower price in the second year.

In addition households can further stabilize their costs with the Consumo Piatto (Flat consumption) service which allows them to distribute their annual consumption evenly across all their payments, thereby eliminating seasonal peaks.

The new Eni dual offer works alongside the power offer 1 ora gratis al giorno (1 free hour a day) which provides a 4.17% discount on the energy price established for households, as fixed by the Italian Power and Gas Regulator.

Customers making use of these offers can also participate in the Efficienza da Vincere award, which assigns bonuses of €1,000 ($1,500) to purchase high efficiency appliances.