AEM smart gas meters Italy
AEM to provide 2i Rete Gas with an additional 100,000 smart gas meters for a total supply of 150,000 under tender agreements

In Europe, AEM, a Romanian manufacturer of energy meters, has been selected as the primary supplier for smart gas meters in the Italian market.

AEM, which has already supplied Italy’s primary gas distributor 2i Rete Gas with more than 50,000 smart gas meters, has secured two further tender agreements with the company to provide an additional 100,000 units.

The Romanian meter manufacturer produces static ultrasonic meters, equipped with an ultrasonic measurement capability and a ‘shutoff’  feature, both produced by Japanese electronics giant Panasonic.

AEM said the compact meter can be installed in different Italian territories and does not present moving mechanical parts, ensuring greater measurement durability and reliability.

Smart gas meter specifications

The manufacturer claims that its ultrasonic technology prevents the AEM meter from ‘pressure drops’ and allows the meter to respond in a precise and accurate way at each variation of the gas flow.

The smart gas meter is designed to be installed in all conditions and is able to function properly in a temperature range between -25 °C and + 55 °C.

Lithium-ion battery technology also allows the remote transmission of measurement data for a period of 15 years through point-to-multipoint up to 169 MHz, or alternatively for a duration of 8 years for the AEM meters communicating via point-to-point GPRS technology.

Meters supplied to 2i Rete Gas are integrated with the system dedicated to the management of network concentrators allowing it to communicate with data concentrators supplied by Ericsson. This enables gas distribution companies to reduce the number of concentrators required also keeps operations and maintenance costs down.

European gas meter expansion

In the coming months, AEM will continue to invest in a production line, able to keep up with the demands of the Italian and wider European markets.

Italy aims to see more than 12 million smart gas meters installed by 2018.

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