Austria smart meter tender

Energy and water tech company Itron has signed a deal with an Austrian energy supplier to supply smart grid solutions.

Salzburg AG, an energy supplier to 260,000 customers in the north-western province of Salzburg, will use OpenWay smart grid solution as part of a pilot project.

The solution includes Itron and Cisco’s jointly designed Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)-based architecture, which meets the technical and business requirements of utilities in many EU member states.

Salzburg AG will partner with the Fachhochschule Salzburg University of Applied Science (FHS-S) and the Technical University of Graz to test and evaluate the technology and its impact on the utility’s operations.

Thomas Rieder, head of smart metering at Salzburg AG, said: “Itron’s smart grid solution is the only IP-based solution that aligns with our smart grid vision.”

As a part of the project, Itron will install its IPv6-enabled smart meters and Cisco’s Connected Grid Routers, and provide hosted environments for meter data management software and Cisco’s Network Management System.

Salzburg AG and FHS-S will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the solution; and Itron will be responsible for the establishment, maintenance and monitoring of the network testing environments.

In April 2012, the Minister of Economy issued a mandatory timetable for the roll-out of smart metering services in Austria.

Electricity network operators have to convert 70 per cent of metering points to smart solutions by 2017 and 95 per cent by 2019.

The main rollout of meters is expected in 2016-2017.