Itron ships 100,000th C&I ACE Sparkline GSM/GPRS Modem


October 7, 2009 – Itron Inc. (NASDAQ: ITRI) announced today that it has reached a major milestone with the shipment of the 100,000th Commercial & Industrial ACE-Sparkline GSM/GPRS Modem. This achievement comes nine years after the development of Sparkline began at its Hameln site in Germany.

Sparkline was developed specifically for the utility sector. The Sparkline GSM/GPRS modem was designed and engineered to enable long-term stable and reliable communication means between the C&I metering device and the central or remote data collection software solutions or systems over the GSM/GPRS communication networks.

Sparkline modems function with RS232 or RS485 connection to one or multiple C&I meters on a transparent communication via TCP/IP based connections. This cost effective solution allows utilities to receive automatic high volume meter data and alerts.

Modularity, flexibility, reliability and easy handling ensure the Sparkline modem range can be used for many applications. The modem also takes advantage of the transparent communication mode to ensure the highest compatibility to standard meter communication protocols making it an extremely versatile product.

Initially designed to support Itron C&I meters in the German market, the Sparkline modem range is a successful product sold to many utilities across the world. Over the years it has become the reference in many markets, including the Czech Republic, Latvia and Germany.

Itron works closely with its Sparkline customers to ensure superior customer support. This interaction has inevitably led, over time, to new ideas and further product enhancements. Itron has recently unveiled its third generation of Sparkline products with the release of the Sparkline III GSM/GPRS products. The main focus of this new range is usability, robustness and a simplified installation process.

According to Stefan Harms, Modem Product Manager, “we have reached a major milestone with the 100,000th modem. A superior product comes with superior support and evolves with the people working on it. We produce a high-quality, reliable product and we are proud that the Sparkline product range has become the market benchmark. We will continue to build on this success by creating products and services that meet the needs of this ever-growing market.”