Jersey Electricity improves consumer access to smart meter data


Consumers on the European island of Jersey will be able to optimise their use of data acquired from smart meters following increased investment in online customer engagement by their energy retailer Jersey Electricity.

The utility has partnered with digital solutions firm Eliq to deploy a new mobile app solution My JE.

The app will enable consumers to access smart and real-time data, which they can use to track and reduce energy consumption and budget for electricity before the bill arrives.

Using the app, customers can:

  • Instantly view bills and access account balances
  • Set up a profile to compare electricity usage with similar properties
  • Set a weekly or monthly consumption target to help control costs
  • Set up notifications on anomalies and high forecasts

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My JE will help Jersey Electricity to improve customer services through personalisation and through the use of insights from smart meters to develop and promote future energy services.

Jersey Electricity plans to use smart meter data to accelerate its energy transition through the adoption of micro-renewable generation and dynamic supply and demand management.

The island government has set a goal to become carbon neutral by 2030.

Today, 95% of the electricity Jersey Electricity supplies is imported from low carbon, hydro (36%) and nuclear
(64%) sources in France through three undersea supply cables. Hence improving consumer energy efficiency will help the island to reduce expenses incurred in importing energy.

Investing in the development of the app forms part of efforts by the utility to maximise its return on investments made on a smart meter programme that saw Jersey Electricity providing an advanced meter for all of its customers. The utility serves around 50,000 domestic and commercial customers.

The initiative is the next stage in Jersey Electricity’s development strategy towards building a smart grid.

Chris Ambler, CEO, Jersey Electricity, said: “Our Vision is to inspire a zero-carbon future. Energy efficiency and technology will have a big part to play on this journey. We are already increasing our focus ‘beyond the meter’ and this is one of several projects that shows how we are putting customers at the heart of the energy system. We see related technologies such as demand-side management and smart home controls, vehicle-to-grid charging (V2G), renewable distributed generation and energy storage – all of which we’re currently trialling – becoming ever more widespread and we see digital technology a key enabler.”

Hakan Ludvigson, Founder & CEO, Eliq, added: “This demonstrates that digital tools underpinned by analytics and behavioural science has an impact not only on creating transparency, customer satisfaction and loyalty, but also the size of the energy bill.

Energy prepayment and online payments

In December 2020, Jersey Electricity launched a platform to enable its customers with smart prepaid meters to pay their bills online without the need to stand in queues to pay.

This followed a partnership between the utility, Payzone and CityPay to develop a digital payment system, giving its Pay As You Go (PAYG) smart meter customers a more convenient option.

JE’s head of digital technology, Werner Bornman, said: ‘We accelerated our prepaid Smart Meter rollout in light of the pandemic because of the meters’ remote charging capabilities. Creating a digital prepayment system was our next priority. We listen carefully to customer feedback and understand the need for such an online payment solution. As well as added convenience, we hope will give reassurance to those Islanders forced to self-isolate or who may be reluctant to go out during the COVID-19 pandemic.”