José Carlos Goní§alves appointed as new CEO of Edinfor

José Carlos Gonçalves has been appointed as the new CEO of Edinfor, a LogicaCMG company. Gonçalves, who has been leading the Portuguese unit of the business, succeeds Raul Mascarenhas who is leaving the company at the end of February.

Gonçalves began his professional career in IBM, where he stayed for 12 years building up IBM’s Global Service practice in Portugal and becoming a Director and Executive Committee member. In 2001, he joined PT Prime – an IT and telco services company belonging to Portugal Telecom – as an Executive Committee member before joining CASE, a subsidiary of the Edinfor Group, as the CEO, specializing in strategic information systems consultancy. Following LogicaCMG’s acquisition of 60 per cent of Edinfor in 2005, Gonçalves has played several leading roles in the business, including Enterprise Services Managing Director as well as Managing Director of the E&U, Public Sector and IDT businesses.

José Carlos Gonçalves commented: “We have exciting times ahead of us. At the end of this month we will be rebranding to Logica, along with the rest of the LogicaCMG group. Our customers will increasingly be able to draw on the strengths of the enlarged group which has a leading position in the key European markets. We have also recently announced the creation of a new Outsourcing Services division to take end-to-end responsibility for outsourcing services, ensuring that customers have access to the most efficient and cost-effective blend of onshore, nearshore and offshore support. Portugal already plays a key part in the delivery of these services and will continue to do so as this division grows.”

Gonçalves has a degree in Enterprise Management and an MBA, both obtained at Universidade Católica Portuguesa. He is also a post-graduate in Bank Management at Instituto Superior de Gestão.