Kamstrup chosen for Norwegian smart water meter rollout


Five municipalities including Oppegård Municipality, Ås Municipality, Frogn Municipality, Nesodden Municipality and Vestby Municipality, have a combined order of the 14,000 intelligent MULTICAL 21 water meters, making it the biggest order yet within water metering in Norway.

[quote] According to a release, with the accompanying remote reading system, READy, both the consumers and utilities will be provided with innovative technology offers better insight into the water consumption, and gives notice to the utilities in case of leaks and bursts. [Kamstrup boosts market share with smart water meters]

Kristian Hammer, of Kamstrup in Norway, said: “We see a rising tendency to invest in smart water metering in Scandinavia, and this is one of the first innovative cooperations in Norway. That is interesting. We are looking forward to a good cooperation in the future, and expect both utilities and consumers to benefit from the investment.”

The company adds that smart water metering holds many advantages. The integrated intelligence of the meters gives immediate notice to the utilities in case of unusually high water consumption, which can indicate the commencement of a leak or burst. The utilities are thus able to ensure that water waste is minimised quickly and efficiently, saving both utility and consumer money and water. In addition, the intelligent meters secure a faster and more accurate billing.

The installation of the meters is expected to be completed within the next four years.

Kamstrup in Scandinavia

In related news, Kamstrup was also recently chosen by Swedish utility Västerbergslagens Elnät AB for the rollout of 27,000 smart meters over a period of three years.

A company release states that through the smart meters deployment, both consumers and the utility will be able to improve energy efficiency.

Västerbergsla-gens Elnät AB is reported to be one of the first utilities in the country to embark on the “next step of the smart metering journey, having now selected the solution [it] believes will help meet current and future demands.” [Kamstrup wins Belgian water meter deal]

The release adds that Kamstrup’s supply is not limited to the 27,000 electricity meters, but also includes the OMNIA smart grid platform, which will give Västerbergslagens Elnät AB the possibility to test and remotely read heat meters and provide the data needed.