Kamstrup smart meters integrated into heating systems


Smart meter manufacturer Kamstrup is working with multi-dwelling heating systems company Frese UK to allow end users to monitor and control their heating systems.

Frese UK, which makes flow and temperature control valves that regulate and balance wet heating, cooling and domestic hot water systems, is integrating Kamstrup smart meters into hydronic systems featuring Frese products from the outset rather than being retrofitted afterwards.

Monitoring energy use

On projects where multiple dwellings or commercial properties access a single communal heat source, such as a boiler, chiller, heat pump or combined heat and power engine, Kamstrup meters connected to Frese-equipped systems will mean tenants and landlords are able to monitor heat energy use and keep a check on expenditure.

Those using properties where Frese valves are installed will now be able to see the efficiencies of the system for themselves as they keep track their energy use, when heating their home or office, using state-of-the-art meters.

Stephen Hart, managing director at Frese UK, said: “The ability to monitor energy use is becoming ever more critical for occupants and landlords. 

“By working with [Kamstrup], we can deliver accurate, integrated monitoring of our systems to allow accurate energy monitoring and charging.”