Kamstrup unveils new solution for water distribution networks

Kamstrup has introduced a new smart water metering solution with three new features, which it claims will secure optimal network pressure and reduce water losses
Kamstrup has introduced a new smart water metering solution with three new features, which it claims will secure optimal network pressure and reduce water losses

In Europe, Denmark-based metering solution provider Kamstrup has introduced a new smart water metering solution for monitoring flow and pressure in utilities’ distribution networks.

The solution launched on Thursday consists of three new features – a new pressure sensor, a new solution for district metering and an update of Kampstrup’s READY meter reading system, according to a company statement.

The solution provider claims that the new features will better the monitoring of a utility’s network pressure, secure optimal network pressure and reduce water losses.

Pressure optimisation

The new battery-powered Kampstrup pressure sensor continuously monitors overall pressure as well as harmful pressure surges, provides utilities with real-time knowledge and an overview of chances for pressure optimising as it is automatically read via the READY network, Metering & Smart Energy International has learnt.

Kamstrup believes that by integrating the new sensor pressure, utilities will achieve optimised pressure which increases network’s life span, minimizes the number of bursts and leakages, and reduces energy consumption.

Commenting on functionalities of the new sensor, Rick Korshom, product group manager at Kamstrup, said the sensor lowers water utilities’ operational costs as it allows both temporary and permanent lowering of pressure in the distribution network.

Water metering solution allows network sectioning

For district metering, Kamstrup said a new feature of the MAC8000 water meter connected to a READY Gateway communication unit allows water utilities to section their distribution network and therefore target troubleshooting, as well as analyse water loss and night time consumption.

The updated READY meter reading system – READY Manager – will allow utilities’ visualisation of consumption, map displays of meters, active leakage detection, and analysis of water loss in the entire distribution network or in selected sections.

Utilities also have the option to select up to 50 priority meters to be read in 5-minute intervals, resulting in a clear picture for troubleshooting.

Kamstrups’ metering solution in Norway

In other Kamstrup news coming out of Europe, a consortium consisting of Norwegian energy companies Guldbrandsdal Energi, Valdres Energiverk, Eidefoss and Vang Energiverk have in August 2015 asked Kamstrup to supply a smart metering solution that includes, meters, communication system, central system and integration.

The consortium has also forged a hosting agreement with Kamstrup, which they claim will save making “costly investments in IT hardware” or establishing unprofitable operations departments.

Bjørg Brestad, chief executive officer of Valdres Energiverk, said: “It was important for us to enter into an agreement with a stable and reliable supplier, whom we know with great certainty will be in the market for many years to come.”

“With this agreement, the four power utilities have the same setup for ensuring efficient operations as the larger energy suppliers, such as DONG Energy with one million metering points,” says Jesper Daugaard, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing in Kamstrup.

The smart meter roll out is scheduled for the beginning of 2016 and will continue until the end of 2018, reported Metering & Smart Energy International.