Austrian utility and OMNETRIC partner on grid innovation


OMNETRIC Group and Austrian-based integrated energy services provider KELAG, announced their partnership to help energy providers to optimise their operations and grid efficiency using data analytics.

OMNETRIC Group is a joint venture of Siemens and Accenture, focusing on the development and utility adoption of innovative technologies.

KELAG has its energy distribution arm, KNG, which provides electricity to some 300,000 consumers and managing grid system comprising 7,000 transformers, 18,000km of power lines and 65,000 poles.

The partnership with KELAG will enable the German-based smart grid solution provider to develop its first MindApp for the utility industry.

According to a statement, the group’s Planning and Outage Intelligence Application (PnOI), will be integrated with utility operations and environmental data to develop algorithms and provide energy providers with insights regarding the operations of grid assets. This, in turn, would help utilities to forecast power outages within energy distribution networks.

The PnOI is built on Siemens’ cloud-based IoT operating system MindSphere.

KELAG and outage management

Since 2016, the smart grid solutions provider used its PnOI and available grid and environmental data to help KNG to predict the occurrence and duration of outages. “OMNETRIC Group developed outage prediction statistical models for KELAG with a 90% accuracy rate,” reads a statement.

The partnership is expected to help utility firms to better plan the maintenance and management of grid assets. The Group says the solution will help distribution system operators to improve the lifespan of grid infrastructure and avoid unnecessary investments in grid system.

Gerald Obernosterer, Division Manager Grid Management at KNG, commented: “As a grid operator we are focused on leveraging digital technologies that enable us to quickly and efficiently improve grid reliability. The PnOI, which we are continuing to co-develop, has had an immediate impact on our outage intelligence management and planning. It has allowed us to more accurately predict maintenance tasks on a daily basis and, in doing so, has helped us optimize related costs”.

Heinz Sitter, Managing Director IT & Telecommunications at KELAG Group, added: “We are working with OMNETRIC Group to customize MindSphere applications in order to benefit from the agility and efficiency achieved through the Industrial Internet of Things. Accessing applications built on Siemens’ MindSphere enables us to benefit from global cloud developments while still deploying applications on-premise in our own data center.

“This allows us to meet the precise needs of a distribution company today, as well as better manage systems integration and security considerations”.

Franz Winterauer, Head, Energy Insight EMEA, OMNETRIC Group said: “This project started out with a major commitment to capitalize on industry change and generate value for customers.”


Image Credit: 123rf.