KNX and EEBus form Alliance for Smart Energy Solutions


Heinz Lux,
KNX Association
Darmstadt, Germany — (METERING.COM) — March 18, 2011 – The Alliance for Smart Energy Solutions has been established by KNX and EEBus with the aim to introduce a manufacturer-neutral, worldwide standard for connecting the smart home with the smart grid.

The communiqué was signed by Heinz Lux, director of the KNX Association, Peter Kellendonk, EEBus representative, and Lutz Steiner from the research team of the German ministry of Economics and Technology sponsored “E-Energy” project.

“We are delighted about this alliance between KNX and EEBus, and this is an important step towards the development of internationally coherent energy management applications,” said Lux. “For this purpose, the KNX Standard ISO/IEC 14543 was extended to include smart metering and smart grid applications.”

KNX is a standard for all applications in home and building system technology and controls the heating, lighting, blinds, ventilation, security technology, audio/video and numerous other functions, both grid-bound or via the existing power supply line as well as via radio and internet/IP.

“Primarily the EEBus is an interface for energy management functions between the energy supplier and the customer in the intelligent power supply system of the future,” added Kellendonk. “This communiqué is the basis for the standardized interface between the KNX home and building system technology and smart grid applications in the future.”

Recently Kellendonk Elektronik presented the new transmission medium KNX PL+ in the powerline domain. Through increased bandwidth, it realizes the requirement for future intelligent energy management.

As their first official act, the Alliance partners will define uniform smart energy applications and use cases, derive data models, and develop semantics to guarantee the “interoperability” of intelligent energy consumers.