Latest in UK’s smart meter rollout


Despite potential barriers including Brexit and technical constraints, the UK is still actively deploying communications systems for smart meter connectivity.

The Smart Data Communications Company in partnership with Trilliant Networks continues to implement communications data hubs and to deploy a wireless network..

The wireless network connects smart meters to energy suppliers, network operators and authorised service users

Following approval by the National Cyber Security Center, the network is said reportedly resilient and while allowing data transfer at high speeds. The network will provide connectivity to some 7 million smart electricity and gas meters, in addition to communications hubs and consumer In-Home Display devices.

In addition, the network will allow interoperability with smart meters already deployed (and manufactured by various companies) and simplified consumer switching from one service provider to another using the SMET2 metering standard.

“…we have been able to deploy a solution that will benefit utilities across the country and capture future opportunities as their needs evolve,” said Andy White, Trilliant chairman and CEO. “We are implementing a secure, powerful source of data that has created actionable results, leading to reductions in overall energy usage.”

The project will modernise the UK grid network and improve grid security.

The Smart Data Communications Company forms forms part of the UK government’s wider Smart Metering Implementation Programme and is building and maintaining the country’s smart meters data and communications infrastructure.

This coming on the heels of Trilliant’s expanded participation in the Wi-SUN Alliance to further advance worldwide interoperability.