Latvenergo AS enhances customer service with Oracle


Janis Avens,
CIO, Latvenergo
Riga, Latvia and Redwood Shores, CA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — April 25, 2013 – Latvenergo AS, Latvia’s largest energy supplier, has selected Oracle to help it enhance customer service as it prepares to meet the challenges of a newly deregulated energy market.

As part of the agreement, Oracle Utilities will provide Latvenergo with an integrated solution comprising Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing, Customer Self Service and Utilities Business Intelligence, which will bring customer care and service to the highest standards, providing the utility with a competitive advantage as new entrants join the market.

The implementation of Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing will provide Latvenergo with comprehensive support for its customer and billing-centric operations, enabling it to scale to meet changes in regulatory and competitive conditions. The solution will also enable Latvenergo to keep its customers informed of any changes to service options as these occur, an important consideration as the market progresses with deregulation.

In addition, by helping to improve the efficiency of the business processes responsible for managing increased customer loads, Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing will support the utility as it looks to take advantage of growth opportunities in the Baltic market.

With Latvenergo’s call center staff able to easily access all the information they need, customers can also experience a decrease in response times to their inquiries. Additionally, customers can enjoy 24/7 access to information and services provided by Oracle Utilities Customer Self Service. The web-based solution is designed to accommodate all sources of data on Latvenergo’s network and enables the company to give its customers online options for paying bills, requesting services and managing their account details.

With Oracle Utilities Business Intelligence, Latvenergo will also be able to better access, organize, and use its data to target customers with compelling service offerings.

“Oracle has provided us with an integrated technology architecture that is ideal for our current requirements, and flexible enough to change in line with market conditions,” said Janis Avens, chief information officer at Latvenergo.