LG leverages IoT to accelerate EV innovation


LG is developing a wide-angled information display, giving motorists a lot of data, “by putting the data on the glass itself” and not compromising on safety, according to VentureBeat.

It adds that the smart windshield is expected to be the first of many appliances and other devices that will help grow the company in future.

Apart from its smart windshield, the company is working on sensors that provide drivers with more information about the road ahead than a driver could normally see.

Connecting EVs and smart homes through IoT

Google is a strategic partner to LG in the Internet of Things for smart home technology.

The two companies are working together to ensure privacy and security are integrated into connected devices.

German car manufacturer Volkswagen is also collaborating with LG to promote its new electric vehicles.

Volkswagen and LG have signed a contract to incorporate VW’s new long-distance electric vehicle, the BUDD-e, into the Internet of Things.

Through the partnership LG will supply its smartphone application technology to help BUDD-e EV drivers check the status of such things as the temperature in their fridges and the lighting in their homes.

Choi Sung-ho, the head of LG Electronics’ cloud centre business division said: “Of course, all of this technology connects to your SmartHome. This will all be made possible with the VW partnership with LG Electronics.

“Volkswagen demonstrated that from your BUDD-e, you are able to let people into your home remotely in the event that you are late. You can even check the fridge with the LG in-fridge camera to see what groceries you are missing and may need and drop by the store before returning home.”

He adds: “LG’s IoT technology is being connected between homes, workplaces and vehicles. In real life, you can do better by utilizing IoT technology.”

Traditionally a consumer electronics provider, LG has said that it has begun realising tangible results in the automotive parts business, and has identified this as one of its next large revenue streams.