Liander, Siemens, KPN, TNO and TenneT to present the ‘Energy Experience’ at Metering Europe


Amsterdam, The Netherlands — (METERING.COM) — October 3, 2012 – Five key stakeholders in the Dutch energy landscape, Liander, Siemens, KPN, TNO and TenneT, are joining forces at this year’s Metering, Billing/CRM Europe with the “Energy Experience” on the exhibition floor, which will demonstrate how smart grids are changing industry and society.

Voltage City
The Energy Experience is an interactive expo of 900 m², where visitors will be treated to a ride through “Voltage City,” during which the challenges, developments and solutions to providing energy in the future will be explained.

At “Voltage Park” the latest innovations, new products and projects from all over Europe will be on display. The park will also be the forum for discussions on “cooperation in the energy transition” by experts from the five companies – the Dutch utility Liander, global technology giant Siemens, leading telecoms and ICT service provider KPN, the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), and TenneT, Europe’s first cross-border grid operator for electricity.

To stimulate collaboration

“As the Energy Experience will demonstrate, it is the aim of Liander to stimulate collaboration between the European Commission, governments, research organizations, industry, the financial sector and international organizations to work on new energy technologies that will completely redesign our current energy infrastructure,” explained Bram Reinders, manager, Alliance Management at Liander.

According to Erik van der Heijden, head of the Smart Grid Division of Siemens Nederland, “The world is currently in a transition, with a shift towards more renewable and decentralized power generation. To enable this we need more intelligent infrastructures, smart grids. In the future we will see more complex networks with energy and information going in two directions. This transition requires parties to cooperate and work closely together, network companies (DSOs) as well as suppliers."

The consumer and end user
“TNO has a holistic approach to the energy transition. TNO combines R&D on technological and social aspects to facilitate the energy transition and the deployment of smart energy systems. The end-user is assumed to have a central position in a smart energy system,” commented TNO’s director of Innovation Energy Efficiency, Suzanne van Kooten. She continues: “Autonomy, getting the end user involved, privacy, integrity and freedom of choice are important aspects here. By reasoning from the end-user’s perspective, technological innovations can break through social barriers.”

The CEO of KPN Business Market, John van Vianen, agrees and explained that electrical appliances are becoming smarter and information is increasingly being exchanged between them, the consumer and the energy provider. He continues: “These are critically important services and need a reliable and safe ICT infrastructure. KPN provides these services and from a business and social perspective will continue to invest optimally in products, services, expertise and commitment to facilitate this energy transition.”

Some 6,500 utility professionals will gather in Amsterdam next week for the 14th annual Metering, Billing/CRM Europe and the co-located Transmission & Distribution Europe and Smart Homes 2012 for what has become the largest industry conference and exhibition on the continent. The exhibition will gather more than 320 solution providers under one roof, with the latest utility technology on display.  

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