Libelium adds LoRaWAN to IoT platform for smart cities

Libelium adds new LoRaWAN radio module to its IoT platform to accelerate smart city deployments Europe, Asia, and North America
Libelium has launched a new LoRaWAN radio module to its IoT platform to accelerate smart city deployments in Europe, Asia, and North America

Internet of Things smart cities and M2M platform company Libelium has released a new radio module that brings LoRa Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) wireless connectivity to its ‘Waspmote’ IoT sensors for low-energy, long-range data transmission applications.

The new radio module will be integrated for use in large-scale IoT deployments worldwide.

According to a company statement, wireless communication protocols like Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) are accelerating smart city and IoT deployments in Europe, Asia, and North America.

It adds that Libelium’s LoRaWAN sensors send information to base stations in the field and have successfully completed tests on engineering consultancy Kerlink’s LoRa base stations.

The Spanish sensors company completed trials for 868 MHz bands operating in Europe, on the 900 MHz band for the US, and for the 433 MHz band connectivity used in China, Japan and Korea.

LoRaWAN for smart cities

The LoRaWAN radio module is integrated with the Waspmote IoT sensor platform and can be used as an upgrade for all existing Waspmote sensor devices.

David Gascón, CTO and co-founder of Libelium, said: “Waspmote sensor nodes are extremely energy efficient, intended for massive deployments in cities and the industrial IoT.

“[The] sensor platform is a … fit for purpose-built LoRaWAN, designed to carry complex data that characterizes Smart Cities applications, and thereby enable connectivity for the billions of devices and sensors predicted for the IoT.”