Local Control Unit to support local SCADA processes from ModemTec and Hewlett‐Packard


A Local Control Unit (LCU) to support local SCADA processes associated with the integration of smart grid components and devices and smart meters has been developed by ModemTec and Hewlett-Packard.

Features of the LCU include:

  • Power quality meter of the highest accuracy, measuring higher harmonics (at least 50th), deformed power, flickers, etc. – this fulfills legal requirements for distributed system operation, and enables monitoring of connected devices
  • Remote terminal unit (RTU) for communication with IEDs (intelligent electronic devices) at the substation
  • Independent powerline communication interface for multi standard support
  • Wireless and GSM module for direct communication via the telco operator or local internet provider
  • RS236 and RS485 interface
  • Local SCADA support pack for smart grid MV/LV functionalities, including autonomous features to drive, synchronize, coordinate and operate MV/LV devices, including substation switches, load tap controllers, network switches and protectors, decentralized generation, energy storage and smart meters
  • An empty programmable space for DSO deployment needs.