LODESTAR Corporation Hosts First European Client Conference

LODESTAR Corporation, a provider of energy software solutions, will host its first European Client Conference in Amsterdam, Holland, on April 6th. The event is co-sponsored by Gasunie Trade & Supply, a European natural gas supplier.

Senior level representatives from energy companies in Europe will come together to discuss the challenges in Europe’s energy industry and to receive updates on recent and upcoming product and technology enhancements by LODESTAR. The company says that its European business now represents half of its global business, and that the event is one way of demonstrating its commitment to the region.

Also on the agenda are details of the recent benchmarks LODESTAR has performed, involving processing millions of accounts and meter reads for meter data management, billing and settlement. The company’s BillingExpert® product was the first to be benchmarked, the goal being to bill a large number of mass market accounts accurately and quickly by simulating a representative billing day.

LODESTAR used billing rules from the Italian market to apply them to 10 million accounts for electricity and gas. The test billing cycle day would bill 300,000 electricity and 200,000 gas customers, using actual tariff rates. The software completed the end-to-end process within 3 hours.