Logica win £2.4 million smart metering contract with OnStream


Reading, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — October 11, 2010 – National Grid company OnStream has awarded Logica a £2.4million contract for the provision of communication, data and prepayment services for a minimum of 26,000 residential smart meters in Great Britain over the next five years.

Both companies will work together to deliver a number of smart metering projects to OnStream’s customers, including smaller new entrant suppliers to the market. OnStream will procure, install and maintain the smart meters, and Logica will deliver the communications, data and prepayment services.

OnStream provides an end-to-end dual fuel residential metering service to suppliers across Great Britain supporting more than 4 million traditional meters and 20,000 smart meters, with a plan to install more than 100,000 smart meters over the next 12 months. OnStream is rapidly expanding in the smart metering market and anticipates being the largest installer of smart meters in 2010. This agreement enhances OnStream’s opportunities for further growth.

“OnStream’s ambition is to be at the forefront of the smart metering rollout,” commented Stephen Hughes, new business manager of OnStream. “The relationship with Logica supports our end-to-end smart metering solution and will ensure we are best placed to support energy suppliers with the rollout of smart meters.”

Logica supports, through its Instant Energy service, over 75 percent of smart meters installed in people’s homes in Britain. Currently Logica is supporting the installation of 15,000 new smart meters per month. The agreement with OnStream further increases this figure, strengthening Logica’s position in the British smart metering market.