LoRaWAN enabled smart marina to drive energy saving


The installation and use of remote control luminaires and harbour breakwater lighting utilising LoRaWAN communication technology have made the yacht harbour of Tallinn, Estonia, the most complete and modern maritime centre of the Baltic Region.

Smart City solutions are becoming a major part of every city. These solutions would enable cities, including harbours to reduce costs and optimise operations as well to increase quality of life and overall safety.

LoRaWAN’s low energy consumption and low-cost connectivity make it an ideal technology for controlling Haven Kakumäe marina’s lighting system. Controllers allow for reduced energy consumption by optimal on/off and dimming profiles, as well efficient maintenance cycles. LED luminaires are controlled using DALI interface.

The device has a secondary duplex bus for controlling other electronic devices besides DALI drivers/ballasts.
The luminaire controllers were connected to the LoRaWAN gateway over radio.

The gateway is situated at the harbour, but the connection is also supported by other near gateways. The LoRaWAN network server communicating to the gateway (via ethernet or optional 3G/4G communications) has the data available to the application.

The fully secure IoT Hub platform visualises encrypted data from the end-nodes via a LoRaWAN backend. Haven Kakumäe has the option to connect with external applications via API’s to use the data in third-party systems.

With this intelligent lighting management system, Haven Kakumäe marina is able to make more informed decisions towards energy and cost-efficiency.

Although the harbour is still testing the full solution, the controllers already provide better control over lighting allowing real-time control of street lights. The ability to monitor light intensity, work mode and movement means that unnecessary over-lighting can be avoided, which in turn allows energy saving.

The installation started in March 2017. Alongside this installation are more than 100 dock electrical and water distribution pedestals, equipped with NAS developed LoRaWAN electricity meters, which provide 24-hour access to electricity for more accurate measurement of usage.

Moreover, the marina’s access control systems are going to be controlled through the LoRaWAN network, to allow flexibility, real-time notifications and alerts of unauthorised activity.